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Graph Tech Workshop: How to Install Ratio® Tuners in Less Than 10 Minutes

by Adeel Ahmed | Jun 08, 2017

Gray Bramwell, Tech Support Specialist at Graph Tech Guitar Labs, shows how to do a perfect installation of Ratio® Machine Heads in under 10 minutes. 

Tuning has never been faster, more accurate or intuitive using the patented, Ratio® Balanced Gear Tuning System. 

With Ratio®, every string has a gear ratio matched to its core diameter. Gear ratios range anywhere from 12:1 to 39:1. A plain “G” string, which is basically just a thick core, has a 35:1 gear ratio, while a wound “G”  (i.e.: acoustic guitar) has a 14:1 gear ratio. 

The higher gear ratios also incorporate a hardened steel, double envelope gear for exceptional strength and an ultra smooth feel.  

Ratio® is available for electric, acoustic, acoustic open back, and 6 inline staggered locking with a variety of finishes and knob designs. 

Most Ratio® Tuners come with our InvisoMatch Mounting Plates to make retrofitting your guitar fast and worry-free; no holes to drill and the machine heads are perfectly aligned. You can also upgrade to our premium chrome, gold, black, or nickel InvisoMatch plates for as little as $10.00. 

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Now, here’s Gray to demonstrate how to do a perfect Ratio® installation in under 10 minutes using Graph Tech’s InvisoMatch mounting plates.

STEP 1: The first step is to find the InvisoMatch Mounting Plates that fit the peghead and are the same design as the old tuner. 

In the video you’ll note Gray has already taken the liberty to put these into place, so our Ratio® Tuners drop right in.

He has the guitar flipped over and is ready to start the installation.

STEP 2: Take your first tuner, slide it up to the back of the headstock, and make sure it notches into place. Then, take your threaded bolt and washer and start screwing it down. 

STEP 3: Using a 10-millimeter ratchet tool, start ratcheting it down tight, making sure you don’t over-tighten and damage the headstock. Continue mounting all six tuners.

And there you have it! 

Perfect installation in less than 10 minutes -- tuners perfectly aligned with the peghead and no mods necessary. 

You’re now ready to tune this guitar up and get going!

Time to get your own set: SHOP RATIO® TUNED MACHINE HEADS