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Frets & Freaks: 6 Guitar Designs That Will Make You Question...Everything

Oct 25, 2017
What if we told you these next few guitars are going to make you question everything you thought you knew. Why were they made? How were they made? What are they?

When you’re a guitar nerd, you feel like you’ve basically seen it all. You follow all the best guitar accounts on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You stalk your favourite guitar celebs and memorize their custom options. You’ve got tickets to the best gigs before they’re even advertised.

When it comes to guitars, you know your stuff.

But what if we told you these next few guitars are going to make you question everything you thought you knew. Why were they made? How were they made? What are they?

1. ZZ Zulu Warlord


This strangely-named, furry monstrosity was found deep in the bowels of CraigsList. It features a deerskin hide body covering and steer horns. As an added bonus, the volume and tone knobs are sheep eyeballs. Good luck looking away from those eyes now.

2. Pikasso


Thought 6-string and 8-string guitars were for nubcakes? Try this one on for size. It’s got 42 strings and way too many tuning keys. Crazy? Here’s video proof of Pat Metheny coaxing some classical magic from this beast.

Maybe if this thing had Ratio® Tuners, tuning it wouldn’t be such a nightmare.

3. Teenage Girl Guitar 


We don’t really have any words for this one other than “what the...”.

4. Yoshihiko Satoh 12-Neck 


Ha, 42 strings? That’s cute. Try 72. This masterpiece almost looks like a regular guitar that had an accidental collision with Photoshop.

Nope. It’s real, it’s massive, and it’s playable (somehow).

5. Lego Guitars 


Let’s get this straight: you can make anything out of Lego. Anything.          

Even custom guitars like these ones from Foster’s Brothers. 

The one on the left is apparently modeled after an Ibanez EDC bass. We couldn’t find video proof of the sound quality, but if someone out there has some -- please post it and tag us!

6. Swinger Guitar 


Wait, wasn’t this a guitar blog? What’s a racket doing here?

Apparently, designers Gaetano Frangella (a musician and filmmaker) and Noah Vachon (a luthier and industrial designer) were set on creating an instrument that took you to new places as a musician.

The result? The world’s first, high-end electric guitar with a body inspired by a tennis racket.

No matter what you’re thinking right now, take a listen -- it might surprise you.

Even More Questionable Creations

Have you laid eyes on any other creations out there? Show us!

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