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You Asked, We Answered: Top FAQs about Graph Tech ResoMax Bridges for Your Guitar

Feb 20, 2018
Guitars have strings. And just like any other stringed instrument, there needs to be a point at which all the strings are kept in place for them to be able to make sound.

"Just want to say how incredibly awesome the NW2 wraparound bridge is on my PRS S2 Mira! I believed it would feel better and sound better, but it sounds SO much better... Thanks for your work, keep it up!!!"
- Tim Nitz

Guitars have strings. And just like any other stringed instrument, there needs to be a point at which all the strings are kept in place for them to be able to make sound.

Enter: the bridge.

Some guitarists might think their choice of bridge is of no consequence, but here at Graph Tech, we’d beg to differ. That’s why our team created the ResoMax line.

ResoMax is used by manufacturers Godin, ESP, Framus, and Rondo. Below is a graphic showing the options for ResoMax wraparound.



Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about them:

What are ResoMax bridges made out of?
ResoMax is made from a light proprietary alloy - one that has the equivalent strength of steel. The ResoMax bridge increases sustain and improves the tone of your guitar. The three bridges that are available (the ResoMax NVS, the ResoMax NV1, and the ResoMax NV2) differ by which saddle each one comes equipped with.

How will this lightweight bridge benefit me?
A zinc bridge mounted to your guitar will absorb a lot of the frequencies the strings are resonating at, taking away from your guitar’s tone and sustain.

By using a lightweight bridge, you’re opening up a “passageway” of sorts, allowing the vibrations to pass from your strings through your guitar’s body - bringing out all the colours and tone of the wood. If the bridges are also loaded with our String Saver saddles, the harmonics of your guitar will be enhanced as well, increasing the sustain and opening up another world of potential musicality.



What is the AutoLock locking feature?
The AutoLock is a locking feature that magnetically secures your bridge or tailpiece without tools to use or lose, making restringing simple and quick.

Will the AutoLock magnets interfere with my regular pickups?
No, the magnets are small enough that they will not affect your guitar’s regular pickups. They’re only designed to secure the bridge and tailpiece to the posts.

Will the ResoMax tailpiece benefit me?
The ResoMax tailpieces are made from the same lightweight, high-strength material as our bridges, so your guitar will experience similar benefits from having them installed. ResoMax tailpieces will increase the sustain and improve the tone of your guitar.

How easy is it to install a ResoMax bridge?
The ResoMax bridges can serve as a drop-in replacement for any 4mm or 6mm posts already mounted on your guitar, making for an exceptionally easy installation. Because they come preloaded with saddles, you won’t even have to spend time fiddling with tiny springs and screws to get the perfect fit.

If you’re building a custom guitar yourself, rest assured - all ResoMax bridges and tailpieces come with their respective bridge posts.

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What are the String Saver saddles made out of?
The ResoMax NV2 bridge comes preloaded with our String Saver saddles, providing a balanced tone that allows your string to ring at a steadier rate and sound better in harmony. String Saver saddles are impregnated with PTFE, a permanent lubricant, which allows the strings to move enough to take the stress off the one fixed breaking point.

You will notice your guitar produces a more full-bodied tone. String Saver saddles work to enhance the mids, highs, and lows of your guitar’s tonal range.

Click here to learn exactly how our String Saver saddles help alleviate string breakage.

What's PTFE?
PTFE is a fluorocarbon polymer with slippery, non-stick properties. It can be found in both our Black TUSQ XL nuts and in our String Saver saddles. PTFE is 500% more slippery than graphite.

Will the PTFE wear off the saddles?
PTFE is integrated throughout the entirety of the saddles, so its lubricating properties will never wear out.

How will this help me reduce string breakage?
As the strings move along the String Saver saddles, due to the slippery nature of the coating materials, they will not bind or experience excessive friction. This ultimately results in less stress on the strings.

What if the strings dig in to the String Saver saddles?
Because the String Saver saddles are actually impregnated (not coated) with PTFE, if you do notice your guitar strings digging into the material, you can easily take some sand paper, sand away the notch, and return the saddle to a brand-new state.

And there you have it! If you have any other questions about our ResoMax bridges (or any of our other products) send us a message on Facebook or reach us using this contact form.