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For the Love of #Guitarface: Graph Tech’s List of the Top 10 Best Guitar Faces - Ever

Mar 13, 2018
For a long time, guitarists all over the world have been captured in the middle of musical rapture (perhaps to their own chagrin), expressing an epic soul transmigration.

We’ve rifled through a stack of #guitarface records and come up with a list of some of the most expressive faces in guitar history. Take a look and see how well our description measures up:

  1. Stevie Ray Vaughan
    Stevie’s expression during his 1989 concert in New York looks like he’s having his soul forcibly removed from his body. 

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  2. Este Haim
    Este’s well known for her expressive #bassface playing style, but this one definitely looks like she’s hitting new levels of climax. 

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  3. Slash
    Slash looks like the music he’s playing is so touching, he may just break down entirely. 

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  4. Richie Sambora
    When you’re trying real hard to hold it in before that final satisfying release...

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  5. John Mayer
    The big O. (We’re referencing the shape of his mouth in this picture, of course).

    Photo Credit: Wxrt.Radio.Com

  6. Rob Trujillo
    That feeling when you know you’ve knocked your performance out of the park and hit a homerun. Winner status: attained. 

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  7. Alex Lifeson
    Is he crying, or laughing, or experiencing something transcendental? We may never know.

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  8. Robin Trower
    That feeling when you hit just the right spot… on your guitar. Perfect fingerwork, perfect intonation, perfect pitch. 

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  9. B.B King
    This famous Blues singer looks he just can’t believe what he’s seeing right now.

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  10. Jimi Hendrix
    The man. The legend. The #guitarface. Jimi’s left everyone else behind in this moment of musical ecstasy.

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