Nubone XB  (OEM only)

Specially formulated to increase volume and enhance harmonics

NuBone XB (Extended Bass Response) is the latest innovation in our NuBone line.  Manufactured under high heat and pressure, NuBone XB is specially formulated to produce more bass harmonics.  Now ukuleles and guitars at any price can have the low end response of a high end instrument.  NuBone XB is strong, durable and consistent throughout to ensure superior vibration transfer.

How does it sound?

What are people saying?

"NuBone XB nuts and saddles give our ukes increased volume and sustain while adding clarity and sweetness to each note.  We are very stoked to be partnering with Graph Tech and featuring their products on the majority of our instruments". Michael Upton - President Kala Music Co.

Graph Tech Marketing Support

Apart from superior performance improvements, there is a lot to be said about our marketing and branding.  Adding Graph Tech products is a value added selling point to your instruments.  Graph Tech products are very well known and respected in the music industry as a premium upgrade to the instrument.

To help promote sales, we supply hang tags or static cling stickers so your staff and customers know this guitar is equipped with quality Graph Tech products.  Now that's something your sales guys will want to talk about and your marketing department will want to promote!