PX-8166-00PX-8166-00 : SuperCharger Kit for Vintage 6 Barrel Tele

The PX-8166-00 combines specific products so you can upgrade your import vintage six barrel style Tele guitar.  It comes complete with a set of String Saver saddles (PS-8166-00), a TUSQ XL slotted nut (PQL-5000-00) and a set of TUSQ XL string retainers (PQL-7004-00).

$64.95 USD

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Simply put, there is a lot of unused potential in your guitar tone and ultimately your guitar performance. These kits are specifically designed to enhance harmonics, reduce string breakage, and improve tuning performance for your acoustic or electric guitar. You owe it to yourself to hear and feel the difference Graph Tech components will make to your playing experience.

Included in this kit:

 PS-8166-00  String Saver Originals for vintage six barrel Teles
 PQL-5000-00  TUSQ XL Slotted Fender Style Nut
 PQL-7004-00  TUSQ XL String Retainers
 240 Grit and 600 Grit
PS-8166-00 (String Saver Originals)

 Measure  Length Width
E to E 
0.300" 2.209"
inches 7/16"
5/16" 5/16" 2 3/16"
millimeters 11.23mm 7.62mm 7.62mm

PQL-5000-00 (TUSQ XL Slotted Fender Style Nut)

 Measure  Length Width
E to E 
0.200" 1.380"
inches 1 11/16"
1/8" 3/16" 1 3/8"
millimeters 42.93mm 3.26mm 5.08mm

Note: All Graph Tech nuts and saddles are slightly long and wide to ensure extra room to achieve a perfect fit for your guitar. This extra material can easily be removed with fine grit sandpaper.