Sylvester Vogelenzang de Jong


Sylvester Vogelenzang de Jong, (also known as the man behind the Box of Doom Isolation Cabinets), formed his band Ulysses back in 1998, together with keyboard player Ron Mozer.
After a short recess, early 2014 the band will be back with a new album, and will hit the stages to celebrate its 15 year anniversary with their fans.


Vox Humana custom build 7 string (SV-107) with LB63
Vox Humana custom build 7 string (SV-207) with the ghost pickup system

"Graph Tech has all parts I needed to complete my dream guitar. Finally I decided to go all the way and have my axe equipted with piëzo and MIDI. The ghost system works fantastically ! Great clean sounds, close your eyes and you’ll think it is an acoustic guitar. Not to mention the benefits of MIDI in your guitar, the sky is the limit.. Just a matter of time before all my guitars are equipped with Graph Tech goodies!"