Tuning Tailor made For Your Uke!

Ukuleles are Hard to Tune.

Let’s face it. Ukuleles are very different from guitars. They have a very short scale, nylon strings, and very light...  But, most are equipped with guitar machine heads!  The gear ratio is too high, and they weigh a lot. This makes for a difficult to tune, headstock heavy ukulele.

What did we do?

We designed a machine head from the ground up! Tune-a-lele’s are a breakthrough in uke tuning and playing.  Tune-a-lele tuners are an easy upgrade and deliver a natural, intuitive feel when tuning - accurate, and stable.  With a concentric 6:1 gear design, Zero Backlash and Zero Back-drive,tuning has never been easier! 

Great Tuning and Balance

A set of Tune-a-lele’s are a featherlight 20 grams a set, compared to 120+ grams for guitar machine heads. You’ll feel an immediate improvement in balance and feel.

How to get yours

Click here to go to Graphtech.com to order online or see your favorite music and uke store.  Watch a quick installation video’s here to show you just how easy it is to have a more enjoyable uke playing experience.

dave dunwoodie

Head Honcho

“A ground-breaking design for Ukulele players around the world! Designed from the ground up specifically for ukes, to solve the inherent issues ukuleles have. Tuning to pitch, tuning stability and neck heavy balance problems, all caused by using guitar style tuners on an ukulele.”


Design Engineer

“From the reinvented drive system to never before seen applications of engineering materials, all while taking into account the needs of the player; we have really pushed our understanding to new places on this one.”



“Through a completely different design, Tune-a-leles actually make tuning a uke feel like tuning a guitar. The pitch changes as soon as you turn the button compared to after a spin and a half with standard uke machine heads.”


Specially chosen to give a balanced tuning response across the 4 strings of the ukulele, the 6:1 gear ratio allows the player to achieve approximately 1 turn to 1 tone of pitch change when making adjustments about the standard tunings of the uke.

tech specs

The tune-a-lele is composed of a high strength impact resistant polymer reinforced with a stainless steel axle which passes through the length of the part. The design of the internal gearing allows for a low profile assembly which inherently resists slip and back driving of the tuner


new pack

Ratio Tune-a-leles are the first machine heads designed specifically for the ukulele’s small, nylon strings, with a 6:1 gear ratio that make tuning a (tropical) breeze. They’re the lightest tuners ever, for a perfectly balanced uke. Tune-a-leles and mounting screws come in this bright and compact blister pack.


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more HIGH QUALITY graphtech prodicts for UKE

Following on the huge success of the Ratios for Guitar; Graph Tech recently released a new line of Bass Ratios using the same patented system. The unique system

TUSQ Acoustic Saddle for Ukulele

1250 Ukulele Slotted Nut 35mm (Select Material/Color)

String Saver Saddle Ukulele

Black TUSQ XL Slotted Ukelele PT-1250-00

1237 Ukulele Slotted Nut 37mm Length

1253 Ukulele Slotted Nut 35mm Length

9537 Ukulele Saddle 7mm Height

9260 Soprano Ukulele Saddle 6.5mm Height

9356 Ukulele Saddle 6mm Height

9353 Ukulele Saddle 6.5mm Height

9358 Ukulele Saddle 8mm Height

9252 Soprano Ukulele Saddle 7.0mm Height

1243 Ukulele Nut 7mm Height

1234 Ukulele Nut 6mm Height

9275 Soprano Ukulele Saddle 7.5mm Height

Graphtech Brands

Following on the huge success of the Ratios for Guitar; Graph Tech recently released a new line of Bass Ratios using the same patented system

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