Ratio Electric Locking MusicMan 4x2 MiniCon Button Black - Graph Tech Guitar Labs Ltd.

4+2 Ratio Electric Locking Machine Heads Music Man Mini Contemporary Button Black



The PRL-8421-B0 is a right handed set of Locking Ratio Tuned Machine Heads for a Music man, or other 4x2 style headstock. It has a mini contemporary button, a two pin casing and is finished in Chrome. 4 Sets of InvisoMatch mounting plates in brushed aluminum are included to make installation on most guitars fast and accurate by using your existing screw mounting holes. 


Ratio - Tuned Machine Heads incorporate different string gauges into the tuning equation. From Low E to High E 39:1, 24:1, 20:1, 39:1, 20:1, 12:1. We balanced the gear ratios to each string simplifying the tuning process. With Ratio, a half turn is a semi-tone! Every string reacts the same to any tuning adjustment. Predictable, precise tuning, on every string.