Lars Björkens

My first musical journey was 1985 when I got Metallicas Ride The Lightning album and my neighbour gave me a broken guitar which I start learn by ear to figure out how they played then progress slowly with harder faster music such as Slayer, Kreator and when the door opens to death metal it really blow my mind. Technical death metal like Morbid Angel, Diecide, Cannibal Corpse among others. The lyrics is like horror movies and also satanic content. The music I play today is Black Metal which is more primal and raw and when You enter the stage nothing else exist. I have never took a guitar lesson and sucks on playing solos but right now I take lessons to explore the guitar more deeper and I think that the journey has just begun.

"Im lucky to have my own signature model which I havechoose everything on. The design is like old wood with the power of mothernatures years of time. 

It is equipted with relyable gear from Graph Techs RatioTuners. They will never let me down!"

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