Payment and Credit Terms

These terms are for wholesale customers only.

1. All payments shall be made prior to the delivery of any Products or services in U.S. Dollars electronic funds transfer of immediately available funds to the account of Graph Tech Guitar Labs Ltd. Payments shall be made as necessary so that Customer will at all times comply with the due dates of payment for each invoice as set forth herein. Invoices will be sent to Customer electronically, or by fax, and at such times, as may be agreed upon by Graph Tech Guitar Labs Ltd. and Customer.

2. Graph Tech Guitar Labs Ltd. reserves the right, in addition to all other rights and remedies available to it under applicable law, to terminate this Agreement, suspend further deliveries and/or services under the Agreement, and demand payment of all outstanding balances, if Customer fails to make any payment as herein provided. Graph Tech Guitar Labs Ltd. reserves the right to apply Customer's payments to any outstanding invoices or obligations of Customer, as may be determined by Graph Tech Guitar Labs Ltd. in its discretion, without regard to aging of the account. If any overdue invoice requires collection and/or legal action to procure payment, the Customer agrees to pay all fees associated with such actions.