There is a reason why Graph Tech is the world's largest manufacturer of guitar nuts, saddles and bridge pins. Performance and innovation is our passion. We supply nuts and saddles on instruments that retail from $25 to $4500 USD. We are constantly developing materials and improving processes to give your instruments the best performance possible and at the best value. The most recognized names in the guitar industry, from guitar manufacturers to world renowned guitarists depend on Graph Tech products to deliver superior performance every time.


We are dedicated to making sure you get the right parts at the right time, whether you are making 5 or 1,000 guitars a month, there are a lot of things that can holdup production, but rest assured, you can rely on Graph Tech for fast, responsive service. If you have any special requests, we do our very best to accommodate you.


A custom shop for nuts and saddles? Of course! Although we have over 250 sizes in stock, there are times when only a custom design will do. If it has strings like a guitar, ukulele, or banjo, we can make the parts you need. Our in house molding facility and design center are equipped to handle these requests quickly, efficiently, and at a lot lower cost than you probably thought; sometimes at absolutely no cost! Ask us how and we'll be glad to tell you all about the options we offer on custom designs.


Price to performance to brand recognition, Graph Tech value cannot be beat. You are telling the world that you are committed to giving your customer the best in tone, performance and playability. Give the sales people selling your instruments easy to point out, features, benefits and performance enhancements. Its all in the details and you are showing your commitment the give the musician the best experience possible. "Equipped with TUSQ" or "Equipped with NuBone" is like saying "Intel Inside" for a computer. Two guitars on the wall, same price, one equipped with Graph Tech, one without, which one are you going to choose or recommend? Contact us and we will work with you to bring the best possible performance at the price point you need. 


When you choose Graph Tech, you don't just get a guitar part, you get a marketing machine. We stand proudly behind your decision to equip your instrument with Graph Tech components

We provide:

• Hang tags for your guitars at no extra charge

• Press releases to major magazines and websites around the world

• Facebook, Twitter and Blog mentions to optimize search results on the internet


Graph Tech is the only branded nut, saddle and bridge pins manufacturer in the world to ensure your customer recognize our quality components. Our products are advertised in most major guitar magazines.

• Guitar World

• Guitar Player

• Acoustic Guitar

• Music and Sound Retailer

• Music Trades

• Guitar Maker

• Electronic Musician

• UpBeat Daily

• Local Music Gear


• Sound on Sound

• Premier Guitar