NuBone nuts and saddles

There is no reason to accept a cheap plastic nut or saddle when you can add tone with NuBone

Plastic nuts and saddles vary greatly; many are made without any consideration for the instrument, tend to be too soft or too brittle, even hollow, killing tone and sustain.  NuBone is designed to enhance tone and is backed by 20 years of research and development.

NuBone is a derivative of Graph Tech's highly resonant TUSQ material, manufactured to very close tolerances under high heat and pressure.  We use specific ratios that contribute to NuBone's hardness, workability, appearance, and most importantly, guitar performance.  Odorless when sanded, it is strong, outlasting and outperforming plastic.  NuBone is the answer!

How does it sound?

NuBone delivers clear highs, a nice low end with overall fullness and a balanced sound that has increased harmonics and volume.  With similar tonal characteristics to our highly esteemed TUSQ, NuBone does not dampen vibration like plastic.

What are people saying?

"If you really care about the sound of your instruments, then you need to be very discerning about the materials you use.  NuBone saddles and nuts produce a beautiful; clarity and tone and we are passionate about tone."  David Lee - US Music Corp - Washburn, Parker, Jay Turser

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