Who's using Graph Tech?

 Here are this month's featured  artists who rely on Graph Tech products to help them perform at the top of their game. 

They rely on Graph Tech, night after night no matter where they play,  from the a small bar  in Chicago, to Wembley Stadium, Graph Tech products, components 

and upgrades perform on every size of stage in the world.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

"I like String Saver saddles because they save my strings from breaking...I’ve been using them now for at least 10 years, if not longer, and I’ve noticed a significant decrease in string breakage... I hardly ever break strings anymore."

James Valentine

Maroon 5

“They are on my personal guitar.They’re great, I can’t believe no one had come up with this idea until now! (Ratio) 

Makes tuning effortless and easier!”

Richard Fortus

Guns 'n' Roses

“Dry n’ Glide has become an essential part of my nightly ritual. There are two or three points during the show where I run back and apply more. I’ve never had a real problem with sweat or moisture but I didn’t realize how much of a difference it makes and how much it was impeding my playing and my feel until I used Dry n’ Glide.  

Now I can't imagine getting through a set without it."

Kelly LeMieux


“Graph Techs new Bass Ratio tuners are amazing! These baby’s are smooth, precise and keep me in tune all night. 

What more do you need” 

Mick Box

Uriah Heep

"Graph Tech stands for the highest quality  components and I am delighted to have them on all of my guitars. I have Ratio locking Machine Heads, TUSQ nut, and ResoMax bridges with String Saver Saddles.The quality and the look are amazing, and this has really brought my guitars up to the standard I have been looking for.”

Nicole Row

Panic! at the Disco!

“I didn't know tuning my bass could be a recognizably better experience. I love the Ratios, and they're so smooth!”

Jasen Rauch

Breaking Benjamin

"Having been a user of Graph Tech products for years, I'm blown away by the Ratio Tuning Machines. They’ve outdone themselves this time and these things are going on EVERY guitar I own.”

Alice Lane

Killin’ Baudelaire

"I’m really satisfied with Graph Techs Bass Ratio Tuners.

I always get a fine tuning control with no issues that cheap machine heads can have. 

It’s important to have good tuning machines and it’s for sure one of the best upgrades you can do on your instrument. 

Not only do Ratio Tuners get you in tune faster, but they keep you in tune longer, and just outright feel better to use."

Wes Jeans

“String Saver Saddles have been an indispensable part of my rig for over 20 years. As hard as I play, I wouldn’t dream of stepping onstage without the peace of mind that String Saver Saddles provide!! Superior TONE and RELIABILITY, what more can a player ask for?!”    

Val Gaina


"When I came to know Graph Tech products I could not even imagine guitar hardware can be so high-quality. Since then I have replaced Graph Tech parts for all hardware pieces on all guitars - and obtained better sound, sustain, separation and a welcome change in the sensation of playing."  

Mitch Malloy

Great White

"The difference that TUSQ® makes is astounding. More low end, more high end, more sustain, more clarity, more punch."

Ray Ray Star

2 Car Train

Prior to using Resomax bridges, I’d always break strings at the same spot…the bridge. After switching, I hardly ever break strings and the sustain is killer! First mod I do to any guitar is swap out the bridge for a Graph Tech bridge! Been using Graph Tech products for years cause they’re Freakin’ Killer! 

Working closely with musicians to improve our products

Graph Tech is proud towork with its artists through varying levels of support. We are eager to help our artists connect with one and other and reach out to other Graph Tech enthusiasts.

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