PRT-952-216-B0PRT-952-216-B0: Ratio InvisoMatch Premium Mounting Plates For 90 Degree Screw Hole - Black

The PRT-952-216-B0 is a set of Ratio InvisoMatch Premium Installation Plates, designed for easy installation of Ratio Tuned Machine Heads. It has 90 degree screw holes and is finished in black.
$9.95 USD

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Ratio InvisoMatch Mounting Plates are the easiest approach to installing Ratio Tuned Machine Heads on your guitar. Simply select the installation plate design that matches the screw/pin hole location of your factory installed machine heads, then follow the three step process described below. You’ll be up and running within about seven minutes.
For maximum tuning speed, accuracy and response...choose Ratio Tuned Machine Heads with patented Balanced-Gear Tuning Technology. The new standard in tuning.