6 of the Weirdest Guitar Gadgets You’ve Ever Seen

We all know how nerdy the guitar world gets. And that’s ok, because we all join in. But even for us hardcore guitar nerds, there are a few things we’ve seen that have us raising our eyebrows.

Take a look at these six super strange guitar gadgets and see if they’d ever pique your curiosity enough to try them.

1. Candle-Powered Guitar Pedal

Yes, you read right. Candle-powered.

The Candela Vibrophase is the world's first candle-powered guitar pedal. Designed for fans of the 1800s and guitar enthusiasts who seem to already have everything, it makes use of two solar cells, a heat engine, a spherical magnet, and an optical disk.

Questionable? Well, it does work - somehow.

Just be careful not to light yourself on fire by accident.

2. The Hammer Jammer

The Hammer Jammer is an accessory you can attach to your guitar that features six little hammers you can tap with your fingers or your thumb. The result is apparently somewhere between a struck harmonic and a percussive sound. The company says it’s a “gift for the gifted!”.

Perhaps one of you gifted guitarists out there will want to experiment with this gadget.

3. Callus Builder

You just gotta face it: if you play guitar regularly, you won’t have silky-smooth hands. Period. Calluses are an inevitable part of a guitarist’s life as you hone your musical skills, building up with each passionate jam session.

Or…you can just use this callus builder to rub against your fingertips. It even has rough ridges to mimic the feeling of metal strings.

4. Jellyfish Guitar Pick

This unique pick is a collection of small metal tines you drag across the strings of your guitar as you strum. Apparently the scraping motion can emulate the sound of a chorus or a 12-string guitar.

5. Baby Bot Synthesizer

This one is probably the creepiest of the lot. Say hello to Baby Bot. She’s a unique, handmade synthesizer, built inside of a recycled doll's head.

The synth sits about 10" high and generates a variety of interesting beeps, drones, arpeggios, noise, and fx noises.

The LED “hair” even lights up in sync with the audio! Yay!

6. Porky Pick

Patented in the ‘60s, this creation is a bizarre combination of a thumb / flat pick. It was found with an A4 instruction sheet with roughly sketched diagrams explaining the different combinations of how you can insert an elastic band through the holes to vary the grip.

We’re assuming it’ll take some practice to get used to this one.


If you’ve had the opportunity to come across any of these strange gadgets, please let us know. We’d love to see them used in real life.

On the other hand, if you’ve seen some even weirder guitar accessories, gadgets, or inventions out there - we’d love to see those, too! Take a picture and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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