If Leo Fender...

was inventing his iconic Stratocaster® today, what would it look like? What would he use for

components and materials? Without a glimmer of a doubt, there would be changes, we all know that. 

Leo was a futurist. 

Like everyone in the world, the music business is having a tough time. Times are a changin' and it can be difficult to see the future when the present is changing every day. It will take vision, innovation and determination, but we’re up for the task. It’s what we do! 

This is our opportunity, for all of us, to create the future.

 Let me offer a heartfelt tribute to all of us; the women and men of this great industry. To all our partners around the world: manufacturers, distributors, builders, luthiers, techs, retailers, artists and weekend warriors. We thank you for your support, your ideas and suggestions, you have made us better at what we do.

I'm not a Leo Fender, but I do have the passion and the drive to try and be a part of the future of guitar performance, push the boundaries in materials and design, and at the same time, respect the look, feel, and tradition of the guitar, bass and ukulele. With over 50 patents and trademarks worldwide we aren’t slowing down. My team and I will keep pushing the boundaries, from our TUSQ nuts, saddles, bridge pins, Ratio multi-geared machine heads, to the world's lightest ukulele machine heads, Tune-a-lele's.

Let's get ready to break some new ground, explore some new ideas, and we’ll meet on the other side, smarter, stronger, and better for it. 

Thank you one and all. We will meet again one day, in person, with a proper handshake to remember these days. We’ll celebrate our achievements and see the future of this great industry that brings so much joy and love into this world.

 Until we meet again, Happy Trails! 

To us and to all the Leos of the world, past, present and future!

“Illegitimi non carborundum”