The dynamic and incredibly varied artist Birtchum, a Heavy-Metal project from Tallahassee, FL, elevates melodic aggression to brand new heights. With the perfect marriage of melody, heavy, and technicality, Birtchum's powerful voice, energetic instrumentation, and progressive composition unite to create stunning and innovative musical atmospheres.


Schecter C-1 (Custom) Year Unknown

Jackson JS2 Concert (Bass) Year Unknown

"“My introduction to the world of Graph Tech began with the purchase of a pack of TUSQ Picks. From the first strum I was immediately sold. After hearing the difference a simple pick could do for my tone, it was only logical to take the Resomax bridge system and TUSQ nut for a test drive. I had them installed without hesitation and what resulted was a tone that can only be described as out of this world! Not only was my guitar tone brighter, fuller and packed with character, but my sustain was increased dramatically and string breakage virtually ceased to exist. I have used Graph Tech's products on every guitar that I have owned since, and will continue to use them on all of my future instruments."