Bobby Keller


Bobby Keller is the lead guitar for the Florida based metal band, Meka Nism. He currently tours throughout the US with his band opening for the likes of Mastodon, Gojira, Otep, and platinum artist Trapt. He began playing guitar back in 2007 and joined Meka Nism in 2010. He credits his uncle for showing him the basics of guitar playing at an early age.


- ESP Guitars

- EMG Pickups

- D’addario NYXL Strings

- Kemper Profiling Amps

- Randall & EVH Amps

- Richter Straps

- Graph Tech TUSQ Bi Angle Picks

- Klotz Cables

“ I cannot believe how amazing the TUSQ Bi Angle picks are. I went from playing several other Jazz type picks from other companies, but these just soar above them all. The material is lighter than the others, it’s harder, and comes off of the string faster so the sound just pops. I will also note that the picks do not wear at all! They stay sharp and allow me to stay consistent while playing longer shows. I really cannot say enough about these picks, they have their own tone and it is simply just amazing!” - Bobby Keller