Brian Kriley


Starting early at the age of three Brian was influenced musically by his his father and uncle. He dabbled with a few different instruments and played in school bands and orchestras, which exposed him to a lot of music that he probably would otherwise have overlooked. The guitar however, was his true love and that's where he did all of his practicing and studying. When he was 11-12 his father began running sound for The Jentz, a wedding and fire hall dance band. That's when he became truly corrupted, he went out with his Dad to watch and help nearly every weekend from 12-18 years of age. You could never get an education like that in any school. Soon after getting somewhat proficient he started playing with Technical Difficulties, which begins the list of assorted bands and experiences.

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Floyd Rose and Ibanez Edge are equipped with the Floyd Rose String Saver Saddles.

"Since I’ve started using String Savers I’m confident and comfortable in being able to dig in as much as I want, bend a string to within an inch of it’s life or grab the bar and wrangle notes anyway I want. Big key to a successful performance is confidence and comfort I get that with my String Savers." - Brain Kriley