Daddo Oreskovich


Daddo Oreskovich is a Bosnian-born guitarist, composer, music educator, and multi-instrumentalist. He is a Berklee College of Music graduate and also a recipient of the Los Angeles Music Awards in the “Guitar Performance of the Year” category.

He has been a Graph Tech artist since 2008, after placing highly in guitar contests organized by Guitar Player and Premier Guitar magazines.

His main musical styles are Neo-Classical Rock/Metal and Progressive Rock/Metal, which incorporate some elements of his native Bosnian ethnic music.

Daddo exclusively plays on 8-string guitars and uses a unique tuning called "High A". Unlike traditional 8-string tuning (two extra lower strings), this tuning features one lower string (typically the low B) and one higher string above the regular high E ->  the high A string. In some cases, the low B string is tuned down to A or lower.


- Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL Nuts & String Trees
- Graph Tech String Saver saddles (on 6-string guitars)
- Graph Tech Black and White TUSQ saddles (on 8-string guitars)
- Graph Tech GHOST LB63 locking bridge Floyd Rose drop-in replacement
- Fishman Fluence Modern pickups
- Friedman amps
- Fractal Audio systems


- Modified Ibanez RGDMS8-CSM multi-scale 8-string guitar (27.1” – 25.5”) with scalloped neck
- Modified Ibanez RGMS8-BK multi-scale 8-string guitar (27.1” – 25.5”) with scalloped neck

“String Saver saddles are the best upgrade I ever added to my guitar. The tone transformation, clarity and sustain is amazing. I upgraded my new custom made Strat with a Black TUSQ XL Nut and String Trees as well. Graph Tech helped me to improve my tone, intonation, sustain and my musical expression." - Daddo Oreskovich

YouTube channel:

Daddo demonstrated the latest successful utilization of Graph Tech guitar products in his video "Light in the Dark—Solo." In this video, he employed TUSQ products to personalize an Ibanez RGDMS8-CSM multi-scale 8-string guitar. This exemplifies the effectiveness of Graph Tech's guitar products in enhancing guitar performance and customization.