Dave Eichenberger


Dave Eichenberger is a master guitar player, composer, looper, songwriter, engineer and producer who has spent the past 29 years fine tuning his craft. Technology plays a big part with his approach to music making- he uses guitar synthesizer, looping devices and high- tech guitars to realize his sound. He performs solo, in the original rock band Hazard Factor, and in the improvisational fusion band, Fools Folly and he still finds time to be the guitarist with national recording artist/jazzy blues diva Julie Black.





Ernie Ball/Music Man Silhouette Special

Brian Moore C55-PM

Ovation Viper

Adamas SMT

"You don't need a locking nut with Graph Tech. I bend and dive like crazy, and yet the guitars return in tune every time. Those sharp bent steel saddles never cut up my hands anymore either. I look for Graph Tech products on every guitar I buy, and if they don't come stock, I put them on before I would even consider recording or performing." - Dave Eichenberger