Dean Cascione


Dean Cascione is an American Neoclassical Shred Guitarist who is an innovative force in today's instrumental guitar scene. In a genre overflowing with self-proclaimed speed freaks, Cascione shatters the shred stereotypes, delivering melodic NeoClassic Metal filled with passion and contrast. Experts have described Dean’s command of the instrument as “A showcase of Neoclassical fretboard pyrotechnics”, "Dangerous with a guitar," "Vicious, high tech and aggressive," "Channeled the spirit of Rhoads and the best of Malmsteen," and "A bright star on the international guitar scene."

Dean’s debut CD "Guitar Chop Shop" released in 2008, merited Guitar9's #1 chart ranking in May of that year, and an overall ranking of #2 in their Top Sellers chart for NeoClassic Metal in 2008.

In honor of one of Metal’s greatest legends, Dean joined forces with the mighty MANOWAR to record "Magic: A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio." Straight from the heart, Dean embraced Dio's legacy with his own haunting instrumental interpretation of his Elf classic Nevermore. The tribute album was released worldwide in 2010.

"Neoclassical Fire" (2011) conjured a "Blend of fierce fret board assault with strong, powerful melodic phrasing”. The album merited Guitar9's #1 chart ranking in sales during July and August of 2011 and held for a strong 7 weeks in the Top 10 charts for Neoclassical Metal, Shred, and Instrumental Rock genres.

"Shred Crusade" (2015) is Dean’s latest chapter of pure NeoClassic Metal. Joining Cascione on this epic adventure rides Kenny Lane Swartz (Drums), Paul Ranieri (Bass), Rich Kelly (Orchestration) and a cavalry of guitar wielding wizards to include David "The Shred Demon" Shankle (DSG, Devil Land, Voodoo Gods, MANOWAR), Joe Stump (Joe Stump Band, Holy Hell, Reign of Terror, Exorcism, Black Knights Castle) and Dave Mercado (Shadow Eden). Influenced and inspired by decades of metal and classical music, Cascione holds the NeoClassic torch high and proud, as he prepares to deliver another volume of powerful guitar anthems! RIP and SHRED!

Music can be purchased at iTunes, Amazon Music and Dean’s Official Site:


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