Don Alder


My story is simple, it's been about helping others and the love of creating music for the acoustic guitar. In 1985 I put my music career on hold for 2.5 years to help my friend Rick Hansen go around the world in a wheelchair. The project raised 26 million dollars and created awareness for the potential of disabled people around the world. Post tour I worked with Rick at his foundation but as of last year moved into becoming a full-time musician/speaker/performer, using my skills to play music in the key to social responsibility and to inspire others to make a difference in their communities. Only guitarist in the world to win top 3 guitar contests. 2011 Worldwide Guitar Idol, UK, 2010 Guitar Superstar, 2007 International Finger style Championships.

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Yamaha AC3R acoustic, and backup, Holloway Harp Guitar (bass slot and stud slot saddles, stud slot nut)

Dyer 1918 Harp Guitar (bass slot and stud slot saddles, stud slot nut), Must pick Deep Baritone, Must pick Baritone, Greenfield G4-DA model.

“Currently a saddle in one of my custom guitars which was used to solve a problem with a saddle pick up the bone was inconsistent. the Graph Tech solved the problem.” - Don Alder