Ian Cameron


Ian Cameron is a veterinarian who moonlights as a singer, songwriter and guitarist in Ottawa. He had his first introduction to the guitar at the age of 8 from his uncle Stan Rogers, a folk legend from Halifax. Stan’s son David later taught Ian how to play when he was 16. Despite the demanding studies of his career, he continued to develop his music in Guelph, Toronto and Ottawa. During this time, he became submersed in the technology of using a guitar to trigger two synthesizers simultaneously, and created a unique pedalboard design to protect, transport and showcase a variety of modern and vintage sounds. Ian Vance, and Dave Lauzon of Lauzon Music, Ottawa, and Phil Rocco, have been extremely helpful in this ongoing project.

He has shared the stage with Earl Pereira of Wide Mouth Mason (now with the Steadies), Stu Watkins (bassist of the Canadian Tenors), Israel ‘Izzy’ Martinez (top Mexican Rock and Jazz guitarist), and Tony Raybould. When he isn’t fixing animals, Ian is usually in his studio finding new ways to create sounds not traditionally made by a guitar.

Ian’s current band, Water’s Edge is made up of Ian Cameron on vocals, guitar and synths, Izzy Martinez on guitar and vocals, Tony Raybould on percussion and vocals, Brendan Smith on bass, guitar and vocals and Jason Lam Shang Leen on bass and vocals. Water’s Edge is currently working on an original project called “Fall Prey”.



Roland Devices

- Roland GR-20 guitar synth

- Roland Fantom XR (connected via gear from MIDI Solutions)

- BOSS PS-6 Harmonist

- BOSS RT-20 Rotary (on the Fantom XR)

- BOSS VE-20 Vocal Performer

- BOSS TU-12EX tuner

Non-Roland Devices

- Empress Compressor

- Empress Phaser

- Strymon Big Sky Reverb

- Strymon Mobius Effects

- Strymon Timeline Delay

- Wampler Ecstacy Overdrive

- Analogman Sunface TI-UK

- Guthrie Trapp Overdrive

- Tech 21 MIDI Mouse

- Lehle 2 vs 1

- Ernie Ball Stereo Volume Pedal (for the Fantom XR)

- Jim Dunlop Volume Pedal (Guitar)

- Furman SPB-8 Power Conditioners (2)

“Since modifying my Hagstrom Super Swede with Graph Tech pickups, I have noticed an immense improvement in the tracking and quality of live performance. I will shortly be modifying a Gibson Les Paul with high quality Graph Tech pickups, without adversely affecting the beauty of a valuable instrument. I would trust no other pickups for live performance." - Ian Cameron