Ian Michael Litovich


Ian Michael Litovich (Born on December 11th 1990). From San Juan Puerto, Rico. Having been influenced by his father to consider playing an instrument, Ian began to explore his interest at a very young age. Enrique Litovich, also an accomplished musician, had raised Ian an environment filled with guitars, recording equipment, and passion for music. But it was upon hearing The Beatles’ 'Abbey Road'at 12 years old that Ian’s perception of music began to change. It wasn’t long before Ian bothered his dad into teaching him his first guitar chords.

Ian supplemented his father’s lessons by listening to music, reading books and observing other performers. After practicing for one year Ian’s curiosity spread to the bass guitar. Heavily influenced by Paul McCartney's melodic bass playing, Ian taught himself to master it. Next, he taught himself to play piano, applying the same fervor he’d used to learn guitar. His enthusiasm soon spread to learning the recording process. Taught by his father to use a standard cassette tape recorder, Ian quickly graduated to record on reel-to-reel tapes in a small studio that he’d built in his own room.

By the age of 17 Ian began playing the local circuit with cover bands and at the same time writing and recording his own material. Ian soon began making contributions to local bands and artists landing his first few gigs as a session musician. As Ian earned the respect of local artists and musicians, he began to make a name for himself. Videos he’d posted of his multi-track recordings on YouTube and Facebook of multitrack recordings gave him wide recognition as a multi-instrumentalist and self-producer.

After moving to NYC in 2012, he began to work as a session player for singer songwriters in the local NYC circuit quickly becoming familiar with the Big Apple and all its competition. Not long after he began to work more and more with different bands and artists like Matt Wolpe & Panama Wedding getting a reputation for having 'soul' and 'feel' in his playing different to other players around. Having worked with many different artists of all different genres, Ian has a great appreciation for all types of music and takes on every session with passion.





1- Gretsch 6119 Tennessee Rose (2005) - My main axe, this guitar is perfect. It is the perfect weight, perfect shape, it plays beautifully and sounds incredible. It is almost an extension of my body.

2- Taylor 114E - I can say enough about these guitars, simple, yet down to the point. This is a workhorse guitar that sounds and plays absolutely amazing either live or in the studio.

3- Gibson Les Paul Jr (2015) - One of the newer Les Paul Reissues with a lot of mods for playability done to it. This one took a while to get to me but now it's one of my favorites. Awesome P90 tone that rings for days....

4- Fender Lonestar Strat (2014) - Great, versatile guitar with a Twin Head Humbucker in the bridge to get those Les Paul type tones when you need a versatile guitar for a session. Usually, this one does the job for anything thrown my way.

5- Gretsch G5421 JetClub - Relatively inexpensive Jet model that is absolutely amazing. It just plays so well and sounds so good that you swear you're holding a $5k guitar.

“I really can't say enough about GraphTech products. Switching over to TUSQ nuts on my electrics and saddles on the acoustics has really made a HUGE difference in the tuning stability and overall tone of the instruments. I almost gave up on some guitars until I tried these parts! " - Ian Litovich