Jacob Storm


Born in 1984 Jacob started his musical education already in his young years. At the age of 14 he decided to start playing guitar and joined his first band (PreDown) in 2003. In 2010 - together with his new band mates - he began to define the sound that made Methods Of Massacre one of the well known Northern German metal acts. The band had released two albums until now: "Perverted To Perfection" (2011) and "Retaliation" (2014). "Perverted To Perfection" was presented as the "demo of the month" in the German METAL HAMMER magazine. Performing all over Northern Germany and also internationally Jacob delves deep into the technical metal playing styles and also calls himself a guitar nerd, especially regarding extended range instruments.

Jacob as an endorser is supported by Schecter Guitar Research and Pyramid Strings.

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Jacob uses the following instruments in Methods Of Massacre:


Schecter Blackjack SLS C-7 P (2013)

Schecter Banshee-8 Passive (2014)

PRS Dustie Waring Signature (2015)

Yamaha Pacifica 812w


Ibanez RG2228A

Ibanez RG2077XL

Amplification and rig:

Soldano SP-77 II preamp

Engl E840/50 Tube Poweramp

Mesa Boogie 2x12 Recto Horizontal Cabinet

Rodenberg GAS - FLUX I

TC Electronic Pedals

George L. Cables

"Graph Tech TUSQ XL nuts are really adding the edge to any instrument. If you want to get the best tone out of your guitar, look no further and try a Graph Tech TUSQ XL nut, simple as that. I've tried different nuts on any of my guitars and Graph Tech nuts are the ones which sound best and support the specific character of your guitar." - Jacob Storm