Jay Fitzpatrick


Jay is a 17-year-old guitar player from Paisley, Scotland. His main influences are Francis Rossi, Gary Moore, Jeff Lynne/ELO, Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton and Brian May. When he was 5 years old, he gained interest in guitar after going to a Status Quo concert in 2003. Soon after this he got his first guitar, a half sized acoustic and started learning straight away. After a while, he progressed to an Epiphone SG. He played in front of an audience for the first time in June 2006 at a charity event in Gourock, shortly after his 8th birthday. At this time, he started using Fender Guitars.

When he was 10, he joined Loud ‘n’ Proud School of Rock, a registered Scottish Charity, which bills itself as “Scotland's BEST Music School, Playing, Teaching and Living Rock & Roll”.

He subsequently played the Role of Angus Young in the major stage production 'I was there', the story of the Glasgow Apollo' at the SECC Clyde Auditorium.

For some years he was the lead guitarist of a band formed at Loud ‘n’ Proud. In 2011, they won the rock section of a UK wide competition in 2011, with the finals being held at the O2, London. He has since joined a successful Acoustic Duo and Tribute Band; both have played at various well-known venues all over the UK.

Also subscribe to his YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/jayfitzpatrickguitar


Fender USA Telecaster

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

Fender 1994 Stratocaster

All guitars have been upgraded with Graph Tech saddles & nuts

Blackstar Amplification

Grover Allman Plectrums

Various Ibanez, Boss & TC Electronic Pedals

Dark Horse Guitar Strings

“I use String Saver saddles on all of my guitars, absolutely nothing compares to them! Using them has been a complete lifesaver (and a stringsaver! ;-) ) ! ” - Jay Fitzpatrick