Jérôme Bélanger


Jérôme Bélanger is the guitar player for the Celtic rock band Irish Moutarde from Quebec City, Canada. He grew up in a small town in Quebec where kids mostly played hockey or guitar. After trying hockey, he knew that the guitar was for him. Jérôme played in several rock and metal bands before helping some friends create Irish Moutarde. The band was only supposed to play one show to support the St-Patrick's day festivities in Quebec City. Since its creation, the band has toured the province of Quebec and even played shows in Europe. They released one album that has made several charts all over the world and they are working on their second one.






Music Man silhouette special with the Graph Tech Ghost system and tusq nut The Ghost system go to aphex acoustic xciter pedal and a Fractal Audio Axe-Fx

Yamaha LL16 A.R.E with Tusq saddle, bridge pins and nut Carvin/Kiesel TL60

“ Graph Tech did the impossible for me!!! Switch from a distorted lead tone to a true acoustic guitar sound with just a switch to flick! I can't ask for something better than that!!

I always use my clean tone blended with the piezo sound to get a big stereo clean/acoustic sound on stage!! This add so much presence I can't play without this anymore! Thank you Graph Tech hehe. I had a Gibson LP that the G string can't keep the tuning!! Graph Tech solved this issue!! A TusqXL nut et voila!!! Graph Tech upgrades just work!!!” - Jérôme Bélanger