Joe Miller


Joe Miller has an extensive and impressive guitar resume. He has played with many notable bands over the years, including: The Catatonics, Stillborn, Boom and the Legion of Doom, Project 6, and perhaps most notably Fang. Many big names have been influenced by Fang and Joe's other prjects. Currently Joe is working along side Marcus Henderson who is now famous for his contribution of skills to the hit video game "Guitar Hero."


Strat style guitars equipped with String Saver saddles and TUSQ nuts

Takamine Acoustic equipped with a TUSQ saddle

"I have used Graph Tech products for many years and find them to be of the highest quality in the business. In addition to being guitar tech for Marcus Henderson, I also repair and build custom guitars and basses. I reccomend that all my customers have a Graph Tech nut installed on their guitars. Everyone hates it when your trying to tune and your strings get hung up on your nut and "pop" as they tension. Graph Tech ends the "pop!" - Joe Miller