Ken Jacobsen


Writing, performing, producing, co-mixing and mastering several albums with his bands Dark Mission and Unleashed Power, as well as producing CDs of other bands, Ken Jacobsen is a mulit-talented artist who has spend several years in the studio. In the ‘90s this helped him to form his own production company Sort Ltd. and record label Verdict Entertainment, while touring between productions. Working side by side on several projects with multi-platinum award winning engineer, Tom Andersen, gave Ken the advanced skills to work with cutting edge technology pertinent to modern day productions. During this period Ken started taking on more TV and Radio commercial production work in Europe and the States including a music segment for ESPN.


Jackson Soloist currently being made will be equipped with the complete ghost Modular Pickup System

“Graph Tech makes inputting MIDI notes so much more musical for a composing guitar player. Their products track really well and feel natural to play, unlike most other MIDI interfaces and tracking devises available for guitar.” – Ken Jacobsen