Kevin kane


Kevin Kane’s songs, voice, and guitar playing are very familiar to any Canadian to have turned on a radio or TV between the mid-80s and early 90s, for at the time his band The Grapes of Wrath were one of the country’s biggest, with hit singles, videos, albums and sold out concerts from coast to coast. Since that time, Kevin has played on numerous sessions, produced several albums (including the JUNO-nominated "Green Dress" album by Wayne Lavallee) and released 3 solo albums, with his most recent - 2008\'s "How To Build A Lighthouse" - being short listed for a Best Pop Vocal Album Grammy Award.


2 Telecasters equipped with TUSQ nuts and saddles

Gibson SG equipped with TUSQ nuts and saddles

Gibson arch top equipped with a ResoMax Harmonic Bridge System

Larivee L-10 acoustic equipped with TUSQ nuts and saddles

"Ive been using TUSQ nuts and saddles for years - long before I became and endorsee. I recently put a ResoMac Bridge on my Bigsby equipped Gibson arch top: tuning stability improved noticeably while the tone became smoother and lost some of the 'ping' on the attack." - Kevin Kane