Kyle Dwyier


Kyle Dwyier is one of the guitarists in the Southern California based post hardcore band, Life After Me. After exclusively playing drums for 13 years, he finally picked up a guitar and hasn't looked back since. In late 2014 he joined the band Bring Forth The Lies, which quickly reformed into Life After Me in early 2015. Since the regrouping, Life After Me has been taking the local Southern California music scene by storm. Kyle is most known for his explosively energetic live show. Keep an eye out for Life After Me in a city near you!


- 2014 Alpine White Hardluck Kings Bossman Coupe Deville with a TUSQ Nut

- 2012 Alpine White Agile 3110 Custom Shop that has a Graph Tech Nut

- 2014 Metallic Gold Burst Ec1000 with a Black TUSQ XL Nut

- 2012 Matte Black ESP Eclipse with a Black TUSQ XL Nut

- 2013 Heavily Modded Matte White ESP Eclipse with a Black TUSQ XL Nut

"Graph Tech products just seem to pull out more of the natural harmonics. The products I have tried so far really enhance my tone, and help me cut through the mix, which is really important when you are playing down in drop B tuning." - Kyle Dwyier