Lance Allyn


Lance Allyn is a Los Angeles based guitarist/bassist. As an active performer, session musician, and educator in the music industry for over 25 years, Lance is not only lending his playing on recordings of others, but creates his own music playing every instrument in the studio. As an honor's grad of Musician's Institute in Los Angeles, CA, Lance knows the value of passing on knowledge and, in spite of a busy schedule, works with schools and institutions on an regular basis to promote music in the classrooms. As a multi-instrumentalist, Lance performs regularly with jazz, rock, and country bands. Lance also performs as a solo act featuring guitar instrumentals of various genres, along with a wide variety of vocal music styles. Lance is endorsed by D’Addario Strings, SoundtrackUSA amplification, Boulder Creek Guitars, Graph Tech Guitar Labs, Planet Waves cables, California Effects Pedals (Eleca). Lance relies daily on the musical gear that will be reliable on stage and studio, and will give him the tone that he, engineers, and audiences demand. Graph Tech products are fitted to both his electric and acoustic guitars.


- TUSQ bridge pins

- String Saver Saddles

- Resomax Tune-o-matic bridges and tailpieces

“I am absolutely thrilled with my Graph Tech String Saver saddles on my main Tele. The tone, appearance, and tuning stability of these saddles really elevated this guitar. The Resomax Tune-o-matic bridges on my Gibson guitars make the tone and sustain even better, not to mention a cool look on those guitars. Iʼm really into acoustic guitars and was first attracted to Graph Tech products because of their awesome TUSQ bridge pins, which immediately became a “must have” upgrade to any acoustic that I use. I have found Graph Tech products to be an awesome improvement to all of my guitars inrecording sessions and live performances. Thanks Graph Tech!!!!!” - Lance Allyn