Lance Reegan Diehl


Lance Reegan-Diehl (LRD) - Guitarist/Composer/Producer/Clinician with eleven studio albums to his credit, and playing the guitar work 5 number one hits, numerous singles and album tracks. His guitar skill and musical work in and out of the studio is a testament to his talent and affinity for creating magic with his fingers and transferring it to the listener via the digital and analog methods, live performances, and clinics. Lance is the epitome of the indie artist with the necessary fortitude and drive to succeed in a competitive market. He is the consummate musician, producer, clinician, inventor, businessman, and an example to anyone that wants to succeed in the music industry.



Swing Guitar - “Lance Reegan-Diehl” Signature model w/Floyd Rose saddle savers.

Swing Guitar - MG505 with Tusq nut, Ghost String Saver saddles, and ghost MIDI system.

DeeLeeBob - Strat Style custom with a Black Tusq nut and String Saver saddles.

DeeLeeBob - Zed custom Guitar with a ghost midi system.

“With Graph Tech my strings stretch with my imagination. The Ghost system is pure string separation for MIDI, and the hexpander preamp comes in real handy on my live stage to sound like an acoustic guitar, without having to change over to the acoustic guitar.”– Lance Reegan-Diehl