Lee Williamson


Lee Williamson has been playing and performing for over twenty years and is currently touring with Canadian band Walk off the Earth.




String Saver Saddles

Ratio Machine Heads

InvisoMatch Mounting Plates

"I love the String Saver saddles. I have them on 3 of my guitars. They really do work great. When I would do dive bombs with my tremolo, I would normally get a “ping” sound- not anymore. Nothing gets caught- it’s a great upgrade. I don’t have to worry about having to pull on the string a little bit after using my tremolo and I stay in tune so much better.

Also, the Graph Tech Ratio machine heads as so much more convenient for tuning than the stock tuners on my guitars. I can now even do little 'Tom Morello' kind of tricks. I found that I was able to get used to these new tuners instantaneously. I love the way the look- they look really cool. I got the locking ones on my Strat. I noticed that I tune so much less- it makes playing guitar more fun. I didn’t worry about making up my guitar because I didn’t have to do any drilling. They have different plates for different tuners. I used one of their models that fit perfectly in the old holes so if I wanted to restore my guitar back to its original state, it would be so easy to do. It’s a bonus that I will never have to take advantage of. That Graph Tech loaded guitar is here to stay. Graph Tech- they’re great people making great products." - Lee Williamson