Marcus Henderson


Marcus Henderson is a critically acclaimed rock and heavy metal guitarist from the San Francisco Bay area. His previous bands include Drist and The Hellbillys as well as work for En Vogue and Simon Stinger whose song Fringe Authority can be found inside the movie "Diamonds" with Dan Akyroyd and Kirk Douglas. In 2005, he was chosen to take the role as one of the lead guitarists for the Guitar Hero series.


American Standard Strat with String Saver saddes and a TUSQ nut

American standard Strat with String Saver saddles and a TUSQ nut

Custom Built Fretless "Paul" with a ResoMax and TUSQ nut

"For me, Graph Tech means no string breakage, gooey gobs of sustain and a righteous science that keeps me in tune even when I'm delicately strangling the guitar within a very inch of itself.. Metal Saddles- I fart in your general direction!!! Graph Tech String Savers *ftw!!" - Marcus Henderson