Matt Motto


Matt Motto is an active musician who has been performing, writing, and teaching guitar since the age of 14. Early on in his playing career Matt was exposed to both jazz and classical guitar while maintaining an interest in rock and metal. These genres served as a melting pot to help forge his own unique style and approach to the guitar and song composition. He currently writes and plays for the Chicago-based progressive metal band Dissona.


2014 PRS Custom 24

Peavey 6505+

Two Notes Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox

Avalon DI

"I am currently using Graph Tech's Tusq .88mm Warm guitar picks in the jazz size. I spent a long time purchasing and testing picks of different materials, grips, and styles and these Tusq picks are just absolutely phenomenal. I stumbled upon them almost by accident and was skeptical with the "Harmonically Rich" description but man are they not kidding! Fantastic tone and response. Best picks I have found in all my years of playing!" - Matt Motto