Mauricio Fidelis


Mauricio Fidelis was born in Recife-Pernambuco in 1993. His first contact with the instrument was at age 7 when he took piano and guitar lessons; soon after he opted for the guitar and continued having classes with private teachers.He studied at the Center of Musical Creativity and attended various courses in musical production. In addition to performing at a variety of venues, from small pubs and clubs to festivals with audiences of about thirty-five thousand people , Mauricio also gives several workshops during the year, mainly at the Pernambuco Art Institute. He works as a studio musician, teacher and music producer. At 17 he took the guitars with Razamanaz (in 2010), the band that represents “the prime of his work” and he is the band’s guitarist and producer until now. Mauricio also has an instrumental solo project.


- Ibanez RG 470 DX Japan, Cort Viva II (Graphtech Locking Tremolo Bridges) - 90s “I like the comfortable and slender neck; nice playability!”

- Uses also two fender Stratocaster guitars in some of the bands performances and when performing with other artists.

- Throughout the 90s - Corona California (Brazil).

“I like the quality and reliability first, and I feel free to use any technique I want without timbre loss. I remember I tested the piezo system with my guitar technician , fantastic, high quality timbre. ... Bridges with tremolo and locking sistems have that teflon part that enables the timbre to sound faithfully without any loss and with perfect sustain, and, of course, the durability of all parts of Graph Tech. Locking Tremolo Bridges Graph Tech is perfect!" - Mauricio Fidelis