Nick Pinchbeck


Nick Pinchbeck is a young guitarist/pianist studying a degree in popular music performance, at the London College of Music (Tech Music Schools). From the age of 8 music has been a big part of his life, studying a range of instruments but excelling in the Guitar and Piano. Gigging in bands since the age of 13, Nick has always aspired to become a professional musician and his move to London has become a big step to pursuing this.


72" Reissue Fender Stratocaster with a TUSQ Nut, String Trees & String Saver saddles

Martin's 000C-16GTE Premium Acoustic (TUSQ Saddle/Bridge Pins)

"After swapping the bridge pins in my Martin's acoustic (which is already equipped with a TUSQ saddle) for the TUSQ pins, I did not expect the improvement to be so great with it being such a small part of the instrument. However, the overall tone has greatly improved in clarity and sustain. Very impressed!!!"

"I have just upgraded my Strat with the Graph Tech Super Charger kit after being advised to do so by my technician. The String Saver saddles increased the sustain of my guitar and have proved to be the solution to a rattling problem I had experienced with my previous Fender saddles. The TUSQ nut that has being fitted is a fantastic design, the strings run freely over it and it sounds great!" - Nick Pinchbeck