Paul Bielatowicz


UK guitarist Paul Bielatowicz is best known for his virtuoso work with some of the biggest names in progressive rock. He’s played, recorded and toured the world with the likes of Carl Palmer (ELP), Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big) and Les Paul. His 2014 debut solo album, Preludes & Etudes, saw him stripping the electric guitar back to basics, presenting it as a classical instrument – no overdubs, effects or studio tricks: just a guitar, an old amp and lots of practice!


Eddie Van Halen “Frankenstein” copy

Fender Nocaster

PRS Custom 24 with Ghost Acousti-Phonic

Fender Stratocaster plus deluxe

Choral Sitar

Ibanez RG550

Ibanez Universe

Ibanez Custom 7 string

Yamaha Acoustic

7 String Archtop

"Before choosing an acoustic pick-up system, I asked around and everyone in the know seemed to recommend Graph Tech ghost to me. As soon as I had it fitted I loved it... an amazing acoustic sound and incredible switching versatility. One totally unexpected bonus of fitting the ghost system is that the Graph Tech saddles have very noticeably improved the tone of my electric sound and, with the addition of the Graph Tech nut, my days of rubbing graphite from a pencil into the nut to my guitar in tune are over!" - Paul Bielatowicz