Randy Bachman


Randy Bachman is the lead guitarist and one of the songwriters of The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Bachman was also a member of the band Brave Belt with Chad Allan and a band called Ironhorse, and has recorded numerous solo albums.



Randy has a huge guitar collection and many of them have Graph Tech nuts, saddles and the ghost modular pickup system.

"Thanks so much for the String Saver Saddles. I have them on my stage guitars and this past summer while touring with The Guess Who, I never broke one string! I like to leave my strings on indefinitely, I happen to like "dead" strings, as they give me more sustain and help me get 'my sound' so Graph Tech is in my loop forever. Thanks for the great product; it's one that's long overdue for the axemen of the world." - Randy Bachman