When I was 3 years old, before I could actually complete sentences (still can’t), I was writing songs.  And here I am today with the mental capacity of a 3 year old but STILL writing songs and releasing albums. Who woulda thunk it. I started playing keyboards first, soon picked up the bass guitar, then 6 string, then anything that makes a sound. While the other kids were into video games, beer, and even drugs, I wrote songs and recorded them. That’s about all I cared about. Keep in mind, this was BEFORE $99 bought you a guitar and an amp and everyone and their mother was a singer. This was BEFORE we celebrated mediocrity and watched shows like American idol. This was when you wrote and performed music because it took over your soul. It was in my blood from the very beginning.  I’ve always truly felt that creating music chose me more than I chose it.  It was during those early years that my older brother turned me on to bands like The Who, Yes, Black Sabbath, Rush, The Cars, The Police and um… THE BEATLES!! This fueled my creativity in a big way. I got my hands on a basic four track tape machine, (which remember were much harder to come by in those days) and began a journey to continue making music. I released my first solo album when I was 13 years old. That’s when it REALLY started. There was no turning back. I became addicted to writing and recording music. We fast forward…

These days, besides my family, creating music is still my main focus. Now with every recording, I try to improve the writing, the performances and the recordings themselves. I’m passionate about tones, sounds and what can be accomplished sonically. I’ve released TEN of my own albums, one live album, produced and worked with SO many other major and independent acts, secured two major recording contracts, two major publishing deals, and have been around the world several times playing my music and music by artists that I respect.  Currently I spend a lot of my time in the recording studio making my own music and playing/mixing and mastering the music of others at STUDIO Z.

Some of the highlights… I’ve recorded and toured with Ace Frehely, Adrian Belew, Crash Test Dummies to name a few… I was in the first American band to ever play in Red Square, Moscow, in front of 70,000 screaming fans.  I’ve performed over 2000 solo shows all over the globe. I’m extremely grateful for what I’ve done.

If my songs sound familiar, it’s likely because they are played in a WHOLE  bunch of films and television shows. Or maybe you’ve heard my song “Holiday” or “Chasin’ It”  on radio stations in the past and said “boy he’s got a great face for radio”! Or just maybe you actually put facebook aside for one evening and came out to see me live and in person! How nuts would that be!! Regardless, this is what I do and always will. Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed my music over the years. I appreciate you more than you know. Keep coming out to the shows. Keep tuning in.. More music coming!!


I’ve been using Graph Tech products since about 2003. I’m currently using their ghost midi and acoustic saddles installed into several of my guitars. I have ghost systems in my Moog guitar and Parker Fly guitars. This is how I achieve my midi triggering and acoustic guitar sound from my electrics. GRAPH TECH is the best in the business doing this.

"I use the Graph Tech Ghost system on ALL of my guitars. The Graph Tech saddles are even in all of my custom tremolo systems. The acoustic sound is the best there is and the midi triggering is the smoothest and fastest. The guitar also stays in tune WAY better with the graph tech saddles and nuts." - Saul Zonana