Sean is a musical Artist and guitarist living in the New York City suburb of Jersey City Heights.  He composes music for solo guitar and for small ensembles, and supports many singers, musicians, and theatrical productions.


1965 Gibson SG, Walden acoustics [3 six-strings, a 12, a Baritone, a Parlour], two handmade archtops, Time TC-10 [Strat-style that I want a wraparound bridge for], 2 nylons [Yairi and a handmade Chilean gtr], Takamine acoustic [gift from Jon Bon Jovi], Lanikai ukulele, old Silvertone lap-steel, Ibanex Musician fretless 4-string bass, G&L L-2500 5-string bass, very old Kalamazoo-area Fischer Imperial acoustic archtop, Fender SubSonic electric baritone.