Songwriter Spike McGuire has been a notable member of the folk scene since debuting at the Chicago Peace and Freedom Festival in 2008. During his time in Chicago he went on to hold a year long residency at The Leadway Bar hosting the Open Arms/Open Mic. Once he returned west he quickly became a figurehead of the burgeoning arts and music scene in Reno, NV where he started Loud as Folk: Songwriters Showcase. The show can still be seen monthly in Reno and has evolved into a touring revue performing in cities across the west coast with a wide network of prominent songwriters.

Spike has shared the stage with such greats as: Jerrod Niemann, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers, Johnny Two Bags (Social Distortion), Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Franz Nicolay (The Hold steady), Leroy Vergil (Hellbound Glory), Eddie Spagetti (Supersucks), Kevin Seconds, and Kepi Gouhlie.

McGuire’s main pursuit over the last two years has been his Americana band Six Mile Station who proudly released their debut album Audiobiography March 13th, 2015. 



2 Epiphone EJ 200CEs outfitted with Black TUSQ XL nuts, saddles, and bridge pins.

TUSQ picks 

"I've always pushed for my passion to come through my music, problem is, I've got a lot of passion. I play hard and for years I have broken string after string. It's an on going joke with my band that I'll break a string every show. I can't say they're wrong, we were doing a guest spot at a fest where we only had to play one song and I'll be a son of a gun if I didn't break a string in the first 30 seconds. My luthier recommended I try a GraphTech saddle, and it is one of the best recommendations I have gotten in my life. Not only are my string breaking days are over thanks to Black TUSQ impregnated with PTFE, my guitar sounds richer and fuller than ever before (to be fair, I'm sure Chops Preplay helped my strings too). I loved the saddles so much I ordered nuts, bridge pins, and picks to match. As a company they get my highest recommendation. Any guitar I buy from here on out will immediately get upgraded with Graph Tech parts." - Spike McGuire