Sven Haack (born in 1985) is playing guitar in the German modern death metal band Methods Of Massacre. Since the band was formed in 2008 they have released two albums: "Perverted To Perfection" (2011) and "Retaliation" (2014). "Perverted To Perfection" was presented as the "demo of the month" in the German METAL HAMMER magazine. Sven started playing guitar at the age of 15 and earned experience in playing bass guitar for his first band Virgo. Nowadays Methods Of Massacre performs all over Northern Germany and has been touring internationally lately.

He is also an endorser for Schecter Guitar Research and Pyramid Strings.

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Sven uses the following instruments in Methods Of Massacre and in his spare time:

Schecter Banshee Elite-8 (2015)
Schecter Blackjack C7 (2014)
Al Stevens AC-39 (2000)
Fender Squier SA-105 (2010)
- All guitars are equipped with GraphTech Tusq nuts (and saddles)

Bass guitars:
Ibanez BTB 785CM-NTF (2010)
Ibanez BTB 305BK (2009)

Amplification and rig:
Fractal Audio Systems AXE-FX II Mark 2
Matrix GT1000FX 1U
Line6 Relay G90
ENGL PRO Slanted E412VS

"Using TUSQ nuts and saddles makes the overall sound of any guitar more brilliant and rich of tones. You can easily swap old nuts for new TUSQ nuts after fitting them into your guitar. Tweaking the TUSQ products and bringing them into shape as you wish just takes a short time - so one can always maintain the beauty of his or her beloved guitar's sound" - Sven Haack