Tallan Latz


Tallan Nobel Latz is considered by musical standards a triple threat. Tallan is a guitar player/singer/songwriter that seems to be destined for the big stage. He has been playing music since the age of 3, picking up the guitar for the first time at 4 and finally getting serious about the guitar at age 5. Everyone is talking about this young guitar player who possesses an old musical soul, the way he carries and conducts himself on stage is something that just has to be seen. as on reporter put it, "When T-Man takes the stage, people stop what they are doing and collectively stare. People entering the room look up and stop as their shoes were suddenly glued to the floor, not moving again until the song is over, when they break into wild shouts and applause. Everyone is saying the same thing "You gotta see this kid called T-Man!"




Gibson Flying V guitar equipped with a ResoMax Harmonic Bridge System and a TUSQ XL nut

"When we installed the ResoMax Bridge and TUSQ XL nut found in Graph Tech's Supercharger Kit, it made a huge difference in the tone of my sound, and it stays in tune a lot better. I intend to keep installing Graph Tech products on all of my guitars in the future" - Tallan Latz