Tommy Bolan


To see Tommy Bolan play is like seeing 10 thousand volts of electricity right in front of you, with his over-the-top playing and riveting live performances. As lead singer and guitarist for NYC, Tommy plays slammin', shreddin', heavy groove-laden rock layered with fierce vocals. The band has finished recording their latest CD, Zyko.



All of Tommy's Cort guitars are equipped with String Saver Saddles. Alvarez Acoustic Guitars equipped with TUSQ man-made-ivory.

"In a 3 Piece Heavy Band like N.Y.C I play very hard and aggressive so I need gear that can take an NYC Style Slammin'. It has to hold up - No excuses! Graph Tech Saddles do that and more by providing the strength, tone and reliability I need to shred, from the studio to the stage, Graph Tech Delivers!" - Tommy Bolan