Guitarist Vinny Valentino continues to redefine jazz music, to the acclaim of audiences worldwide. His international debut recording, The Distance Between Two Lines, shot straight up the charts to #2 and stayed on the national charts for more than 14 weeks--an unprecedented achievement for a first international release. Paul Anthony of Jazz Unlimited called it "one of the top five albums of 1993."

Vinny's 1996 international release, Now and Again, extended his critical acclaim. George Benson refers to Vinny as a "young genius with brilliant tone and fresh ideas." Vintage Guitar Magazine writes "wonderful jazz player with killer chops, wonderful compositional skills…"



Yamaha SA 2200 equipped with the complete ghost Modular Pickup System

"I have been playing the guitar synthesizer since its inception and for the past 20 years or so the hex pickup has been more or less the industry standard. The problem with the hex pickup is that it’s another piece of hardware on the guitar and does not respond well to strumming and bending. The Graph Tech ghost pickup system is built into the bridge and saddles alleviating the need for an extra hex pickup. The Graph Tech ghost System is much more responsive to guitaristic techniques including strumming, finger picking, harmonic and string bending. The extra bonus is the acoustic sound and response that you can get from the bridge saddles. It’s the perfect solution for my needs. Thanks Graph Tech!" - Vinny Valentino