The Bassist and founding member of Sharp Dressed Band, a federally trademarked touring ZZ Top tribute act.

In his own words: I’ve been using GraphTech XL Nuts on my performing basses for several years now and refuse to use anything else since I discovered them. I have found a noticeable tonal change in the basses I've upgraded, by means of a better harmonic response, and tonal characteristic, and as it seems so far, these nuts appear to be bullet proof, showing no wear whatsoever on the basses which have the upgraded nuts.”

Bobby has been a performing musician since the age of 17, having over 40 + years of experience with performing live, and in the studio as a session bassist, management and production. He’s also his own guitar technician, completing all set ups and building his own basses for use in the tribute act he has performed in since 2009.

“At this point in time, you've got a customer for life. Thank you, Graph Tech, for the additional tone!!”


Some of the basses I use are custom built Warmoth basses, which as you know, Warmoth is one of the manufacturers equipped with Graph Tech products, and I've also upgraded my Fender Basses with GraphTech XL nuts as well.

I have used all different types of Nuts over my 43 year tenure in the music business as a bassist for many different bands, I've tried Brass, Bone, Micarta, Plastic, Ivory, to name a few, and have not received the tonal response I get from the Tusq XL, which I've mentioned, and seeing I do this professionally, and have acquired many high end boutique basses over the years, none compare to the ones I've upgraded to the Tusq Nut, and will be upgrading all my basses as this is a necessary item to have.